Aviation cocktail with a twist

Aviation cocktail with paper plane garnish – By Glasgow Foodelicious

Last year, for World Gin Day, I shared this Aviation cocktail with a twist on my Instagram feed. Since then it’s been so nice to see the little paper plane flying around the world, with mixologists and cocktails enthusiasts re-sharing my drink on Instagram, and even recreating the cocktail with the cute garnish! So, I thought I’d get the recipe on the blog.

The Aviation cocktail is a wonderful balance of gin, citrus & floral (tastes a bit like Parma Violets!). It’s decadent and perfect for gin lovers.

The twist I give to this beautiful cocktail, is the flavoured berry gin which works very well with the other ingredients, and the addition of egg white for that smooth foamy head.

Aviation cocktail 💜 With a twist

  • 1.5 oz gin – I used Ben Lomond Blackberry & gooseberry gin 
  • ½ oz Maraschino liqueur
  • ½ oz Crème de Violette
  • ¾ oz lemon juice
  • 1 egg white


Add all ingredients to a shaker, and dry shake (no ice) vigorously. Then shake again with ice until cold. Strain into a coupe glass. Optional garnish: dried cornflowers or a little paper plane. Or both, like pictured 😚

I used normal paper for the garnish, but would recommend using rice paper for a fully edible experience.

Would you try this libation? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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