Looking for a Glasgow foodie to collaborate with? Glad you’re here! I love trying new places and food, sharing my experience, and coming up with creative ways to collaborate with brands. Whether you have a business or food & drink products you’d like to promote or get reviews for, I very much welcome invitations and opportunities to collaborate.

As a form of disclosure, I add “#invited” or “#gifted” to posts related to meals, products, events attended, etc. that I did not pay for.

I am a high-spirited blogger, and I always share my honest opinion. If, for any reason, I did not have a good experience, I refrain from sharing it publicly, as it’s not in my interest to harm anyone.

“Caterina is fantastic to work with, she delivers on any brief we assign and is always on time and meets any given deadline. The standard of her recipes and photo quality is always excellent and always goes down well on our social channels when we post content from her. She is a pleasure to work with!”

Courtney MacLeod
Marketing Brand Assistant

Thinking of collaborating with Glasgow Foodelicious? Here’s 5 reasons why you should 😄

  1. Glasgow Foodelicious is dedicated to the local food scene in Glasgow (Scotland), this means that businesses in the city and surrounding areas collaborating with me can be guaranteed to reach a relevant audience. Details about the demographics of my audience can be provided on request.
  2. My Instagram follower base is real and highly engaged. I don’t buy followers; those who follow my account are real people who engage with my content. 
  3. I can help to boost your presence and reputation online. Beyond Instagram, I like to share my experience on my TikTok, on my blog, I review places on Google Maps (Local Guide – current Level 8) and I can post reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor (Restaurant Expert – current Level 7). 
  4. I am a professional content marketer (check my LinkedIn profile), so you can be sure to be collaborating with someone who knows best practices for effective communication, posting on social media and maximising reach.
  5. Wide-ranging experience with collaborations. I have collaborated with both big brands and small local businesses. My area of expertise is restaurant and product reviews, recipe content creation (dishes and cocktails), and giveaways, but I am happy to discuss other types of collaborations.

Contact me (Caterina) via Instagram or email and let’s have a chat about what we can do together! 👏

Examples of collaboration 

If you are considering a collaboration you are not sure what to do,  the examples below may help give you an idea of different types of content collaboration, and what could work best for your business.

  • Recipe creation 

Bradley’s Fish: I created recipes based on different products Bradley’s Fish sent me, with links to their website on each recipe article published.  Example:

Tequila Rose: I was asked to create a Valentine’s Day themed recipe using their unique blend of strawberry cream and premium Tequila.

Scotty Brand: I have worked with Scotty Brand on a number of recipes using their lovely potatoes. I follow brief and guidelines to come up with a bespoke and delicious recipe for their website. Example:

  • Cocktail Recipe

I have collaborated with drinks brands to come up with unique cocktails, to showcase the versatility of their spirits. Creative and extravagant garnishes are my thing! Examples:

The Epicurean Whisky: I created a Baby Yoda Apple Sour Whisky cocktail to celebrate Star Wars Day.

Barra Atlantic Gin: I created a cocktail inspired by the Isle of Barra’s beaches, where this amazing gin is from.

Aloha 65:

  • Product reviews

I have collaborated with a number of big brands and also small local businesses to try their products in exchange for a review post on Instagram (plus an article on my blog, on request).

Examples of product reviews:

Cereal Killer Sub Box

Nature’s Path 

Cheshire Farm Potato products

  • Restaurant / Brand / Product launches

I have been invited to the launch of restaurants, products, brands and partnerships, which I have covered with both Instagram posts/reels, stories, TikTok videos and blog articles (on request).


Launch of Brigston & Co gourmet hot dogs

Launch of Ikea’s vegan food range: I was invited to the launch of Ikea’s vegan food range in Glasgow. Coverage included Instagram, as well as a blog article with backlinks for Ikea UK.

Launch of Jollibee in Glasgow: I was invited to the launch event of this Phillipines-based chain opening their first restaurant in Glasgow.

  • Giveaways

Giveaways are a fantastic way to increase engagement, followers and reward your audience. I have partnered with different businesses to run a giveaway on Instagram. I can advise on giveaway logistics, promotion, create the terms & conditions, and take care of launching, sharing, managing and completing the giveaway.

Examples of giveaways in partnership with businesses:

Simply Sweet Glasgow (Dessert shop)

Maki & Ramen