Glasgow Foodelicious, and our ever-growing interest in exploring Glasgow’s food scene, was born from the exciting practice of our mid-weekend plans.

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What’s a mid-weekend?

It’s the brilliant idea we came up with to break the weekly routine with a plan to go out every Wednesday: find a restaurant where we’ve never been for dinner (and pint) and go for a (second) pint at pub we’ve never been in.

This is how we:

  1. Make our work routines infinitely more bearable.
  2. Enjoy the ecstatic experience of food and beer.
  3. Explore the awe-inspiring eat & drink scene in our much beloved city of Glasgow.


So, who is this ‘we’?

We’re Felix and Cat. Or Cat and Felix, to avoid any confusion with an unrelated feline cartoon character.

We love our life and firmly believe that food and beer make our lives better.  More than foodies, we really are a couple of fatties. Although we’re not really fat. We’re just a couple of happy bastards.

Felix is a Scottish art teacher & artist, from a somewhat remote place that he likes to think is part of Glasgow. He’s father of 3 and grandpa of 1 (probably too young for all of that). He gave up smoking and went mental for cycling, proudly wearing lycra every morning to go to work.

Cat is ¾ Venezuelan ¼ Italian, she ended up in Scotland and has no plans to leave. She’s a marketer, loves travelling and doing outdoorsy stuff when the sun is out. She goes to the gym as much as she drinks beer, convinced that this is the healthy balance her life needs.

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