Glad you’re here! We love exploring places, trying new food and sharing our experience. Whether you have a business or food products you’d like to promote, or get reviews for, we very much welcome invitations and opportunities to collaborate.

As a form of disclosure, I simply add “#invited” or “#gifted” to posts related to meals, products, event invitations or something else that I did not pay for.

I am a high-spirited blogger, and I always share my honest opinion (if, for any reason, I did not have a good experience, I refrain from sharing it publicly, as it’s not in my interest to harm anyone).


Thinking of collaborating with Glasgow Foodelicious?

Here’s 5 reasons why you should 😄

  1. Glasgow Foodelicious is dedicated to the local food scene in Glasgow, this means that any business in the city and surrounding areas collaborating with me can be guaranteed to reach a relevant audience. Details about the demographics of my audience can be provided on request.
  2. My Instagram follower base is real and highly engaged. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for influencers to buy fake followers to boost their profile, that’s why there’s many accounts with many thousands of followers. I don’t buy followers; those who follow my account are real people who engage with my content. My average engagement rate is around 7% (you can check it here), which is considered a very high engagement rate for Instagram.
  3. I can help to boost your presence and reputation online. Beyond Instagram, I like sharing my experiences on my blog, reviewing places on Google (Local Guide – current Level 7) Facebook and TripAdvisor (Restaurant Expert – current Level 7)
  4. I am a professional content marketer (check my LinkedIn profile), so you can be sure to be collaborating with someone who knows best practice for effective communication, posting on social media and maximising reach.
  5. Expertise. I have collaborated with both big brands and small local businesses. My area of expertise is restaurant and product reviews, recipe content creation, and giveaways, but I am happy to discuss other types of collaborations.


Contact me (Caterina) via Instagram or email and let’s have a chat about what we can do together! 👏


Examples of collaboration 

  • Recipe creation 

Bradley’s Fish contacted me with the opportunity to try samples of their products and create recipes for publishing on my blog and sharing on Instagram. I created recipes based on the products received, and included links to their website on each recipe article published on my blog.  Example:

  • Ikea’s vegan food range launch

I was invited to the launch of Ikea’s vegan food range at the Ikea Customer Restaurant in Glasgow. I attended the event and covered it with multiple stories and a post on Instagram, as well as a blog article with backlinks for Ikea UK.

  • Product reviews

I have collaborated with a number of big brands and also small local businesses to try their products in exchange for a review post on Instagram, and/or an article on my blog on request.

Examples of product reviews:

Cereal Killer Sub Box

Nature’s Path 

The Spice Pioneer Power Pods 

  • Restaurant / Brand / Product launch

I have been invited to the launch of restaurants, products, brands and partnerships, which I have covered with both Instagram posts, stories and blog articles (on request). Example:

  • Giveaways

Giveaways are a fantastic way to increase engagement, followers and reward your audience. I have partnered with different businesses to run a giveaway on Instagram. I can advise on giveaway logistics, promotion, create the terms & conditions, and take care of launching, sharing, managing and completing the giveaway.

Examples of giveaways in partnership with businesses:

Banana Moon Bar & Restaurant

Simply Sweet Glasgow (Dessert shop)

CocoCakealicious (Local baker)