Cereal Killer Sub Box: Take your bowl experience to the next level

“I like big bowls and I cannot lie”.

This is what can be read inside the exciting Cereal Killer Sub Box I got gifted from uOpen – and yes, I did sing the line!🎵 (How could you not? 😄)

uOpen is the UK subscription box marketplace for discovering and subscribing to a huge and exciting range of  boxes, and they have  partnered with Cereal Killer Sub Box to create the ultimate experience for cereal lovers. If you are someone like me, who has been obsessed with cereals ever since you were a kid, you will also find this idea an absolute dream come true.

Retro cereals bring me the happiest of memories; of a time where I didn’t actually enjoy food, yet a cereal bowl was total bliss. So, I can completely relate to the creators of Cereal Killer Café, twin brothers Alan and Gary Keery, who brought to life their obsession for cereals in their 90s themed cafes, to create an ecstatic experience for cereal lovers.

In their website, they explain “we don’t just eat our cereal from bowls, we use it in all our menu items, from chicken to ice cream, and alcohol to milkshakes. We are a dining experience that won’t be forgotten, not matter your age, you’ll leave our cafes feeling like a kid again.”

cereal killer sub box uopen 1

Cereal Killer Sub Box: Review

Firstly, can we talk about how bloody cool this idea is? With a uOpen subscription to Cereal Killer Sub Box, you get to try the most epic cereals around the world, with a few thrilling surprises. Every month, you’ll receive a box of an utterly exciting cereal box, 2 bags of cereal toppers, a little bottle of flavour for your milk, 2 poptarts and a free gift. All of these things will have been thoughtfully designed to go together, to provide you with a unique and mind-blowing taste sensation!

When it comes to the actual cereals, they really are bonkers. Think retro flavours, Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch, Churros cereal, the classic Oreos’ O’s, you name it! They have everything and anything. The range is insane, and I am already fixated to the idea of trying them all. But, let’s talk about the March box, which I was super lucky to try this month.

The March box I got from uOpen consisted of: a box of Lion Wild cereal with whole gran pillows filled with chocolate and caramel flavour, salted caramel flavour for milk, a topper of salter caramel fudge bits, a topper of chocolate covered pretzels, and fudge poptarts 🤩Talk about a good salty sweet bowl?! Uh oh, I can see you salivating.

As suggested on the little flyer that comes with the box, I went for everything! I poured some delicious cereal on the bowl, flavoured the milk, added the toppers 🥣I also played with my troll (seriously, how cute is that little guy, he took me back to happy childhood times!) and toasted those poptarts. My god, it was good. I don’t think I ever felt so excited just eating a bowl of cereal in my adult life!


The toppers were particularly phenomenal. The chewy balls of salted caramel and the crunchy chocolate covered pretzels went like a dream with the chunky pillows of Lion Wild. The flavoured salted caramel milk added that extra taste explosion to the bowl, and it was simply amazing.

These cereal experts really know what they are doing with the combinations of flavours, textures, and super cool little gifts. I’m a big fan already.

This is what every cereal lover has been dreaming of. If you’re ready to have your taste buds experience cereal like never before, go ahead and subscribe to uOpen’s Cereal Killer Sub Box for some guaranteed monthly dose of joy. Order it for yourself, or as a gift for someone else. Way to make someone seriously happy, right?

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A big thanks to uOpen for sending me a sample of their first-class Cereal Killer subscription. I am delighted to recommend it to all cereal lovers out there! It’s the perfect thing to feel like a kid again and treat yourself to some unique flavours. You can thank me later!

Find out more and try their products here: https://www.uopen.com/subscription-box/cereal-killer-sub-box

Follow uOpen: https://www.instagram.com/uopenofficial/


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