Green Gates Cafe in Merchant City

Well hello there, Indian street food place 😍 We have been so delighted with Green Gates Café on Merchant City, that it inspired a new post on the blog!

Remember when we could go to restaurants? Happy times, right? Well, Green Gates was actually one of the places we last visited before going into lockdown. The place hadn’t been open for long, and then a few months later it had to shut suddenly (as virtually all other businesses) due to the pandemic. I never went to the place that was there before, so not sure whether it was a full refurb or a partial one – either way, the Green Gates restaurant is stunning, one of those places with lots of details in the decor that forces you to look around. It’s got a lovely romantic atmosphere for couples, and a friendly staff that is sure to make you feel super welcome.

When we visited the restaurant, the dining experience was second to none. Granted, there are so many Indian restaurants in Glasgow with a great reputation and amazing food, so new players in the market have to really make a difference to stand out from their competitors. Green Gates definitely offers something unique; an exciting menu with a range of Indian street food dishes, and all your favourite curry dishes can be ordered large or small, so you can go for small and try some of the street food too (definitely the way to go, if you ask me!)

When we were there, it was our first time trying Mumbai Pani Puri, a very interesting dish, makes a great starter. Probably the highlight of the night was the honey and chilli potatoes, they were surprisingly amazing! Not something I would usually order in an Indian restaurant, but then we were so glad we did.

For curry dishes, we had a lamb kadhai, a mild dish, and the meat was soft and delicious. We also had a Punjabi Chana Masala, because I’m now a big fan of chickpea curries, and it was also very tasty, with the right level of hot.

The restaurant gave us a complimentary wee cup of mushroom onion soup, which I thought was a lovely touch!

Later on this year, with all the madness brought by Covid-19, Green Gates Café announced that they were open for collection (possibly also delivering soon, follow them on Instagram for updates!). And we were lucky to get offered a free meal to help spread the word about their collection service. Needless to say, after that first experience in the restaurant, I was genuinely very excited to get a chance to try more dishes from their menu.

We hadn’t had curry in weeks. Actually, the last curry had been our visit to their restaurant back in March). So, this time we decided to go for a classic selection; we went for Butter Chicken and Lamb Bhoona, garlic naan and boiled rice.

The butter chicken was perfect, everything you’d expect: aromatic golden chicken pieces in a deliciously creamy and mild curry sauce. The lamb bhoona again ticking all the boxes of the best curry – bursting with flavour and that satisfying heat, going down nicely with fluffy rice and super tasty garlic naan.

We’ve now had a few different dishes from Green Gates Cafe and it has all been class 💫 Top curries and they also have some fabulous Indian street food dishes. @greengatescafe_merchantcity are currently open for takeaway and delivery, so do check them out! perfect choice if you’re in the mood for some kick-ass curry 👌

Honestly, Green Gates Café is an all-round beautiful place with beautiful food, and fantastic service. I am very happy with this addition to Merchant City, and truly hope everyone loves it as much as we did 👏

Big thanks to Green Gates and a shout out to @mysterydinersglasgow who set us up for another gorgeous meal from Green Gates – thank you!! 💕

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