Nature’s Path Making Gluten-free Taste Amazing

My go-to breakfast option to kick-start the day has forever been cereal – I am a regular buyer of cereal boxes of different types, granola products and cereal bars. So, when the team at Piracy Corporation contacted me with the opportunity to try some products from Nature’s Path, I was intrigued.

The main reason why I have cereal as the first meal of the day, it’s because it provides for a quick meal in the morning. The daily routine that I have got myself accustomed to doesn’t allow for preparing and cooking before going to work; I get up, have a quick shower, get dressed, pour milk and cereal in a bowl, and eat in roughly 5 minutes before heading out to the office. But a quick breakfast doesn’t mean it needs to be insufficient. My breakfast needs to be as tasty as it needs to be healthy, and it needs to give me a proper energy boost – especially when I cycle to work, as I do every day!

I read a little bit about Nature’s Path and found out that the family-run label specialises in producing a range of top quality, organic cereals, many of which are gluten-free and/or vegan. This, of course, resonates with what I like and what I look for in cereals, so I was really excited to try a selection from their range.



What I tried from the range

Mesa sunrise: Corn flakes, but not as you know them

Mesa Sunrise is a gluten-free and wheat-free cereal, consisting of an original blend of certified organic corn, flax seeds and buckwheat. So, basically, corn flakes? Not at all!

This cereal tastes so different to regular corn flakes, which I would normally find quite bland and too simplistic in terms of flavour balance. Mesa sunrise is unique in taste, it’s crunchier, and it has a punchier flavour as well. As far as corn flakes go, this cereal is a-maize-ing.


Maple Sunrise: My new favourite cereal 🤩

Before I explain my experience with the Maple Sunrise, let me just say: WOW. This cereal actually surprised me with its unique and fantastic flavour!

Maple Sunrise consists of toasted wholegrain flakes, puffs and crispies, and as with the label’s standards, it’s GMO-free and also gluten-free. What I loved so much about it, it’s how super crunchy and delicious it is, with its strong taste of maple flavour. I found this cereal to be very distinctive, with hints of caramel, it’s crispy and just full of flavour. It’s also quite sweet, which I personally like in cereals – I feel a bit of sweetness helps to wake me up and gives me that energy kick I need early in the mornings!


If you like maple syrup, imagine turning it into very crunchy puffs mixed with tasty flakes and milk, or your favourite milk alternative (mine is coconut or oat milk!), and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this cereal is a winner. I am actually over the moon to have discovered Maple Sunrise.

I don’t have a gluten intolerance, and so I don’t usually buy from the free-from section, yet I’m aware of the general opinion that gluten-free products tend to be bland or a bit tasteless. This is certainly not the case for Nature’s Path cereals, they are incredibly rich and flavourful.

I’d encourage anyone to give these cereals a go, and get set for a happy sunrise!


Nature’s Path Nice and Nobbly Granola

I got to sample two different versions of Nature’s Path’s Nice and Nobbly Granolas, the first one I tried was raspberry, blueberry and strawberry with yogurt chunks.

As a lover of all-things ‘berry’, I immediately got really excited with the idea of this mix of ingredients. As my high expectations built, I’m happy to say that I was not disappointed – this granola is wonderfully berry-licious.


The berry Nice and Nobbly is very sweet, but then again, I have a weakness for sweet things! You can expect a good amount of dried berries in this granola, which makes it really worth its value.

I’ve had this granola now several times for breakfast in the morning, with either oat milk or coconut milk, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Because it’s sweet, I have also used it to top some creamy Greek-style yogurt after dinner, as a sort of dessert, and what can I say – I love it!


Secondly, I tried the Nice and Nobbly granola with Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds & Raisins with Cinnamon. Again, I was really looking forward to trying this innovative flavour mix.

I really liked the pumpkin flavour in it, it’s really nice, and I also liked the little flakes of coconut. The hints of cinnamon are very subtle, so I actually ended up sprinkling some extra ground cinnamon, which worked really well. This one is not as sweet as the berry & yogurt granola (although it still has sugar), and it’s makes a tasty and well-balanced bowl of goodness! 


Who said granola is just oats with raisins? The granola range from Nature’s Path is anything but boring, they have really upped the game here – original flavours that work beautifully together.

I’m a new admirer of the Nature’s Path brand, with their innovations in gluten-free, vegan and organic products. The fact that they use only green energy and recyclable packaging is also worth noting.

I believe their products are a fantastic choice for those looking for plant-based options or gluten-free, but also for anyone, like myself – not vegan or gluten intolerant, simply on the look for good-stuff, healthy and authentic flavours! I know what I will be looking for next time I hit the cereal aisle 😄


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