Blue Gin Sour – made with Barra Atlantic Gin

I was over the moon when the team at Isle of Barra Distillers got in touch to send me a bottle of their unique Barra Atlantic Gin, all the way from the remote Outer Hebrides.

The bottle of Barra Atlantic Gin comes in a beautiful wrapping that matches the design on the label, evoking images of the island, and the taste of the gin is truly delightful!

I first tried the gin on its own to get a grasp of the full flavour profile. The Carrageen Seaweed that this gin is made with gives it an incredibly unique and bold flavour, rich in maritime notes and subtly spicy. Naturally (if you know me!) I then had to experience this crisp spirit in a cocktail.

This cocktail is inspired by the white sandy beaches and the deep blue waters surrounding the beautiful Isle of Barra, where the gin is proudly made. Orange liqueur works brilliantly with the botanicals of the gin, while the egg white adds a rich and silky mouthfeel.

If you are a fan of gin cocktails, I would highly recommend you try Barra Atlantic Gin – first alone, then in this cocktail! You won’t regret it!

Barra Blue Gin Sour Cocktail Recipe


⭐ 1.5 oz / 45 ml Barra Atlantic Gin @isleofbarradistillers

⭐ 1 oz / 30 ml Blue Curacao

⭐ ¾ oz / 20 ml lemon juice

⭐ 1 tbsp simple syrup

⭐ 1 egg white


Combine all ingredients and dry shake (no ice). Add ice and shake again until cold. Strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with an orange peel butterfly (tutorial here)

Blue gin sour cocktail recipe

Let me know what you think of this cocktail in the comments. And remember to tag me if you make it, I love seeing your creations!

Thank you so much to the team at Isle of Barra Distillers Co. for gifting me this bottle of their lovely product. I am so happy to have discovered this new favourite Scottish gin! Check out their website where they have some lovely serve suggestions.

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