Maki & Ramen Glasgow – Review

Maki & Ramen is designed to provide an authentic ramen and sushi bar experience in Scotland. They have restaurants in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and they truly are gems in the cities for an amazing Japanese food experience.

We have visited the restaurant in Glasgow a couple of times and had a fantastic experience. Then, during lockdown, we have had a couple of takeaway orders from them, and again, amazing. I can’t fault this place, both Felix and I love everything about it, it’s one of our favourite places in Glasgow.

The menu is varied, with options for everyone (the vegan range is great!). The food is excellent, not just the ramen but also the sushi and the side dishes (OMG the sides! more on that further down). Service is friendly and attentive, and the restaurant is cosy with lovely Japanesy vibes🤗

One of my favourite things about the place is that is really feels like you are in Japan. I visited Japan in 2019 and the place truly reminded me of little noodle bars in Kyoto, especially with the wooden bar and the vibrant red lamps hanging from the ceiling.

Maki & Ramen also has a wall full of colourful post it notes with cute drawings and messages. As a visitor, you have pads and pens at hand inviting you to add to the wall, and how can you not?! There are cute doodles of ramen bowls, cats, happy messages… I love it!

The best ramen in Glasgow!

Ramen bowls from Maki & Ramen Glasgow

I’ve tried different places for ramen in Glasgow, but Maki & Ramen are definitely my favourite. They have a range of ramen options, including vegan ramen bowls, Tonkotsu with pork, beef steak, chicken, and more.

Their ramen portions are HUGE and they come packed with noodles, tasty broth, delicious boiled egg and just wonderful ingredients.

The first time we were in Maki & Ramen, Felix had the black Tonkotsu ramen (pork based) and I had the beef steak tataki ramen. Both were outstanding!

I can honestly say that Maki & Ramen converted me to a ramen fan after trying theirs. Also, how amazing is the presentation? Big massive bowls, which by the way you can also purchase from their website!

Black Tonkotsu and Beef tataki ramen

But there’s so much more than fantastic ramen. I would highly recommend going for their sides, because they are all amazing.

Particularly, the prawn tempura and their pumpkin croquettes are delicious. Super crispy panko coating and soft inside, a must try from Maki & Ramen. I also enjoyed so much the takoyaki balls (octopus balls), they are sweet and addictive.

Takoyaki balls from Maki & Ramen

When we order a takeaway, we usually like to order a range of dishes to share to try different options. Maki & Ramen are ideal for this, you can get sushi rolls which are perfect for sharing, and complement with their amazing side dishes.

From their sushi rolls, we have tried the California, the dragon roll, and spicy salmon, and their salmon & avocado rolls. They are all beautifully presented (both when sitting in or as delivery!), the fish is fresh and full of flavour, especially the salmon sashimi.

If you like mochi, they also have this on the menu! Perfect little sweet bites to end your Japanese meal. Mochi has come a couple of times as a gift with our takeaway orders – did I mention the service is great to??

So, if you are looking for amazing tasty ramen, and some fantastic sushi options, do give Maki & Ramen a go.

I can’t wait to go back to their restaurant and have all their food again. Fantastic spot in Glasgow city centre for chilling out with some big bowls of sumptuous ramen, fresh sushi, and cold Sapporo Japanese beers 😍

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