Christmas Shots

Christmas Shots - Festive Digestifs
Festive digestifs to brighten up your Christmas dinner party

Christmas cocktail shots anyone? If there is something fun to do these days, it is to get in the festive spirit with some seasonal drinks and Christmas shooters.

There are so many brilliant Christmas cocktail recipes you can try, and you can have so much fun recreating them and serving them at your Christmas dinner party, or just anytime during the festivities. I personally like to get creative and come up with my own concoctions using some of my favourite ingredients.

These days it’s all about festive recipes and bakes, I love seeing people creating super cute and festive treats that are also delicious. But what about festive drinks? Let’s not forget about the booze! 🤭 We need all the joy, especially this year.

I’m bringing you a couple of ideas for your after-dinner drinks! You’re probably going to need a digestif after your Christmas feast, right? Or you can simply have them anytime during the holidays, tis’ the season, after all.

Santa Shot with Candy Cane

Santa Shot

The Santa Shot or Santa Christmas Shot is extremely festive with bright red and green layers, it’s made with Grenadine and Crème de Menthe and it tastes like candy cane! You couldn’t get a more Christmassy drink.

Some recipes for this shot include Peppermint Schnapps for the top layer, but quite frankly, it doesn’t need it – you already have all the minty goodness from the Crème de Menthe, and the relevant colours which are red and green.

This shot is fun and beautifully layered. It’s easier to create than you might think, as the Crème de Menthe sits easily on top of the Grenadine, just make sure to pour it gently.

The berry flavour of the Grenadine syrup is super sweet, and it goes perfectly with the mint liqueur, honestly, it’s like drinking a candy cane. What’s not to love?

Santa Christmas Shot
Santa shot

Santa Christmas Shot – Ingredients and Method

You can adjust the quantities depending on your taste – if you want it really sweet, use more Grenadine, or use double the amount of Crème de Menthe if you are like me and prefer the mint flavour to stand out.

Serve with a little candy cane to make it even more festive!

This drink should be taken in one go so that you get all the flavours combined, the sharpness of the mint with the berry sweetness at the bottom, it’s a stunning combo.

After Eight Shot

Another fantastic shot for the holidays, which makes reference to the fabulous chocolate mints that are so popular during the festive holidays.

Funnily enough, this shot doesn’t involve chocolate or cocoa liqueur (there is a different cocktail with Crème de Menthe and Crème de Cacao, called the Grasshoper, if you want to check that out!), but it really is tasty and its flavour is very similar to the famous After Eight mints.

I am obsessed with the layers on this shot, and the beauty is that you can decide how much of each liqueur you want. After trying it a few times, I decided that the best balance for me is as much coffee liqueur as Baileys, with a smaller layer of Crème de Menthe in the middle.

This is the kind of shot you can give to those who claim not to drink, and they will still love it, if you know what I mean. It’s a smooth shooter, creamy, and sophisticated. Christmas just got fancy.

after eight shot
After Eight Shot

After Eight Shot – Ingredients and Method

  • 1 ounce Kahlua coffee liqueur
  • ½  ounce green crème de menthe (I used Bols)
  • 1 ounce Baileys original

Pour the ingredients in the order above, using a pourer and/or the back of a spoon to slowly pour each drink and create the layers.

Remember that you can adjust the quantities to your personal taste, maybe you like more mint in the middle, or more coffee liqueur at the bottom – your choice!

Garnish with a little sprig of fresh mint and, why not, serve it with an actual After Eight mint to complement the treat!

Happy Holidays!

I’ll take this opportunity to send you best wishes for the season and Happy Christmas! Lockdown or no lockdown, level 2 or 4, I really hope you find joy in the little things and enjoy the holiday season!! 🎄

Tag me if you make any of these super festive shooters 💕 @Glasgowfoodelicious

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