Unity Social Kitchen: An initiative to make cooking accessible for everyone

The Unity Social Kitchen is the new project from Unity, who are bringing cooking classes and workshops for people in need and with learning disabilities, and also provide community meals on Sundays.

With this great initiative, cooking workshops will be made available for those who need it most. People of all ages will be welcome, and they’ll have the opportunity to learn practical skills, get ideas to replicate dishes at a low cost at home, and take home the food they cook during the sessions.

The Social Kitchen said:

“A key outcome for the Social Kitchen is to alleviate and reduce the impact of social isolation and loneliness for an increasing number of people in our community.”

“Whilst tangible skills will be offered through the Social Kitchen that can improve individual prospects, the wider impact and theme is that of connections, and the development of meaningful relationships.”

Unity has worked with a mission to create fair and inclusive communities, focusing their social projects on helping people in need; affected by social isolation, homelessness or poverty, to help guide them towards fulfilling their potential.

Unity’s unique Social Enterprise, the Spoon Café, has been operating with the innovative ‘Pay it Forward’ scheme to offer people a chance to provide free food to those who need it most.

The Unity Social Kitchen will be launching on February 16th, 2020, at the Spoon Café in Glasgow. I’m excited to be attending and I’m looking forward to seeing the initiative come to life. Make sure to be following Glasgow Foodelicious on Instagram to see all the photos from the day!

Learn more about Unity and their Social Kitchen project: https://www.unity-enterprise.com/unity-social-kitchen/

Unity-Social-Kitchen-Logo_Reversed Logo

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