Top 10 Ice Cream Servers in Glasgow

I have never met anyone who does not like ice cream. It is one of the best inventions by mankind, because it is pure happiness that you can devour. Ice cream can make you smile, beat the heat, numb your pain, cure depression, and ultimately prevent insomnia. Ice cream is considered the dessert of hot summers, but I personally enjoy it through every season. Luckily, Glasgow has so many great places for ice cream, and all the collective amount of flavors available gives purpose to my existence. I had a hard time narrowing down the list, because very few can do injustice to this heavenly sweet…


1. Cheeky Moo’s

The best thing about the ice cream at Cheeky Moo’s is that the portions are generous, and really worth your money. Ice cream is always better when you get more of it after all. The taste is awesome, and their menu is extensive. They have an excellent assortment of desserts, drinks, and cinema food. The place itself has a high level of ambience and the service is top notch. I highly recommend their ‘Cookie Monster Sundae’.

2. Coia’s Café

Coia’s Café is a tiny piece of Italy in the heart of Glasgow. The atmosphere is festive, savory dishes are served real hot, and the ice cream is chilled (just the way it should be). It is a cozy place, which is always bustling with delighted customers. Their homemade ice cream is to die for; don’t forget to try their Mint Choc Chip and Luxury Vanilla.

3. Valentini’s

Valentini’s, located in the south of Glasgow, is a perfect place to spoil your sweet tooth. They have the most extravagant variety of ice cream flavors, so you will keep coming back to try each one of them. They also offer an amazing selection of sweets and chocolates, so it’s basically heaven on earth.


4. Queen’s Café

The ice cream at Queen’s Café is a must-have because it provides a classic experience of artisan gelato. You will find different flavors on each visit, and you get freshly made ice cream every day of the week. This place is a favorite among vegans as well, because it presents a handful of delicious dairy free options on the menu.

5. Newland’s Café

Newland’s Café is an old family run business, which is nostalgic due to its old-fashioned vibes. Despite being a little pricey, the quality of ice cream and other foods is worth it. Their coffee menu is pretty amazing too, so you can get the perfect combination of hot and cold.


6. The University Café

As the name suggests, this café is popular among students in the area, for fast food and snacks. The place has been around for a century, established by Italian immigrants or something. If you like your ice cream super rich and sweet, you will love it here.


7. Loop & Scoop

Have you ever tried gelato with churros? If not, then you are missing out! Head off to the Loop & Scoop, which is the ultimate ice cream and churro bar. Their dessert concept is divine, the ingredients are flavorful, and the modern décor is certainly Instagram worthy.


8. Café D’Jaconelli

Café D’Jaconelli is a beautiful parlor in the north of Glasgow, which is run by the loveliest of staff. The place is best known for its scrumptious breakfast options, and the prices are quite reasonable. Their ice cream is as good as everything else on the tariff, and I advise you to order their ‘Knickerbocker glory’.


9. Desserts

This place lives up to its name because it offers an appeasing range of sweet concoctions. The chic atmosphere is endearing and the cold stone creations are fab. Nothing on the menu is cheap, but these people definitely know a lot about presentation. My top picks are their ‘Tropical Paradise sundae’ and ‘Crazy Chocoholic’.


10. Big Licks

The Big Licks ice cream parlor is overwhelming when it comes to selection of flavor. There are far too many options to choose from, and I must say that all of them should be put to the test. I haven’t even tried half of them yet, but it is on my bucket list. I can ensure that nothing around here will disappoint.




This is a guest post by John Adams, a lifestyle blogger who loves sharing his personal opinions and experiences. He enjoys travelling for his love for nature and wildlife. He is also very adventurous when it comes to food; he is always eager to try exotic dishes in strange places, and then recreate them (with a twist) at home.

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