Eat Great Meat: Review

The team at Eat Great Meat got in touch with me a while ago and kindly offered to gift me one of their products. When I had a look at their website and what they are all about, and had a ‘digital’ look at their award-winning fresh meats – I was definitely intrigued!

Eat Great Meat consists of a Yorkshire-based family of butchers, and they sell farm shop quality British meat online, at affordable prices. Because they are an online business with UK-wide delivery, it means you don’t need to worry about finding a butcher in your area that can source you with great quality meat; you can simply go on EGM’s website and buy locally farmed food from the comfort of your home, at a fair price.

As a girl that loves meat and has always lived in different places (but always in the city), I’ve had the opportunity before to buy from the local butcher, with the confidence that I get better quality meat this way than buying from the supermarket – which I always did. But having a butcher nearby isn’t always easy.

I’ve moved about in the city a few times, and in my current area I don’t have a butchers’ shop nearby, and the supply of meat I get in the small shops close to me is very limited. Supermarkets mass produce meats in order to sell cheaply in value packs, and the process usually ends up compromising quality. All this makes me think that having an online butcher that can provide this service is a fantastic idea, especially when it means you don’t have to pay a higher price.


What I tried

I asked EGM for a package of their diced lamb. Lamb is something I really love and I find it to be a kind of meat that I can’t find with ease in the shops near to where I live, and if I do find it, I can’t be sure of the quality or the freshness!

The meat arrived safely within a day, in quite an impressive thermal insulated packaging! And it was some great-looking fresh meat.

They have different cuts on the website, but I went for diced as this is the ideal cut for stews, curries and casseroles – all dishes that I love. Diced lamb benefits from slow cooking to tenderise the meat and to release optimum flavour, so I went for a recipe that would allow me to really make the most of the product.

We used the meat to make a delightful harissa slow cooked lamb stew – following a recipe from Donal Skehan, with chunky pieces of aubergine, chickpeas, and served with garlic and coriander flatbread. We added a touch of greek yogurt and pomegranate molasses, and it was an absolutely delectable dish. The meat quality was top notch, it was perfectly tender, juicy and packed with flavour.



My experience and some final thoughts

 I was very pleased with the lamb we got from EGM; it arrived fresh, it had a great intense colour and it was clearly amazing quality meat; it tenderised nicely when cooked in the stew and it was full of flavour!

I really liked trying a product from Eat Great Meat and I’m glad to have found out all about them. I’d never thought about buying meat online before, but seeing how easy it is, how good the quality of the product is and how affordable also, I can’t think of a reason why this isn’t a brilliant idea.

If you love meat and you feel you can’t get quality meat at affordable prices, or you are fed up with poor quality supermarket meat or with the limited supply available near you, then you should try Eat Great Meat. They have a very friendly website, with a fantastic range of meats and super reasonable prices. You can choose from Wednesday to Friday for your delivery, which takes 24 hours and comes in insulated packaging to keep your meat between 2 – 7 degrees celsius for up to 72 hours. How good is that?

The diced lamb I tried (350 grams pack) is priced at only £3.50 on their website. I would definitely recommend it, and I look forward to trying more of their products!



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