Casual Darts @ The Raven

We were invited along to The Raven for the launch party of their new darts game area, on Thursday 14th of November. We’ve always really liked the food and the atmosphere at The Raven, so I jumped at the chance to accept the invitation!

Having read in advance a little bit about what they came up with for “Casual Darts”, I was intrigued and looking forward to trying it. Drinking games can be so much fun, and darts is one of those challenging, classic pub games that everyone can play, skills or no skills – it’s guaranteed fun!

We arrived at The Raven and went upstairs, where the new area has been revamped to accommodate the new smart game facilities. The place is certainly looking fabulous, decorated with some cosy lighting and, of course, quirky ravens with top hats flying about. There are nice comfy seats and plenty of space to place your drinks and nibbles around the screens.

Upon arriving, we were received with beers and delightful frozen margaritas, delicately served with a dried orange slice. On to winner!


It’s pretty easy to get set up, you have to simply add the names of the players on the screen, snap a selfie to identify each player, and then on to choose what game to play. Felix and I played with 4 other people, and we tried about 4 different games. Each game comes with unique challenges and cool visuals, which really just makes you want to try them all!

In between games, we got to try a wide range of delicious bites from the kitchen. We were served with some sumptuous pork belly bites, chicken wings (hot hot!), halloumi fries (gotta have these!), and yummy crispy mac & cheese bites, loaded fries, roast pork and beef brisket sliders. Oh, yes, and doughnuts with peanut butter jelly! Yes, we had plenty of food, and yes – it was amazing.

Take a look at some of the pictures; although, the lighting wasn’t helping, and I was focusing my efforts on hitting the bullseye – so apologies for the poor result with these shots!

Playing Casual Darts in The Raven is brilliant, they really took the classic game to a whole new level and it is definitely an experience worth trying. Great plan for a different kind of night out with friends or colleagues, and the selection of drinks and snacks is fantastic.

The team at The Raven were there to make everything really easy for us, and they were all genuinely lovely. Many thanks to the staff who ensured we had a great time, and to the team at Taste Communications for inviting us to the darts party at the nest!

We had so much fun, and I can’t wait for the next time I get another go at Casual Darts, with all the goodness of those tipples and nibbles from The Raven.


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