Craft beer and gourmet hot dog tasting. A memorable festive pairing experience!

I was invited along to Innis & Gunn Brewery Tap Room on the 20th of November, where members from the Glasgow foodie community gathered to sample a fantastic range of artisan hot dog and craft beer pairings, put together by Scottish producer Brigston & Co in partnership with Innis & Gunn.

Brigston & Co specialise in making artisan craft smoked hot dogs, which are available for purchase online and are also featured on the menu at Innis & Gunn Brewery Taprooms in different cities in Scotland.

For this unique event, they came up with some wonderful recipe ideas to showcase their quality and versatile product, and to inspire home-cooks and foodies with delightful festive serving ideas.

It was very nice to meet Claire Drysdale from Brigston & Co, who was there on the night. She’s super passionate about her product and shared with us how it’s been their ambition to change negative perceptions of the hot dog, and reinvent it a versatile gourmet food choice.

It was a fantastic night and, undoubtedly, the protagonist was the craft smoked hot dog! We could all see why these handmade items recently won a Great Taste Award. The hot dogs are made from Scottish Farm assured beef flank and pork shoulder, and a secret mix of herbs and spices. Smoky, rich and packed with flavour, the hot dogs from Brigston & Co are an absolute taste sensation, and they certainly go nicely with cold craft beer and combined with a variety of ingredients.

The first two pairings served were little hot dogs with different toppings. First up, the chilli cheese dog, which is topped with barrel smoked ox cheek chilli & cheese, and it’s currently featured on the Innis & Gunn Brewery Taproom menu (I can only imagine how popular this item is on the menu, YUM!) The second one was the ‘slum dog’, topped with crispy onion, mango chutney and curry spiced aioli – simply delicious, and a splendid match with the Innis and Gunn Mangoes on the Run IPA.



Both of these cute hot dogs were the perfect introduction to the night of festive pairings, and I can honestly say, I was sold. Hands down, best hot dogs I have ever tried! But the delights did not stop there.

I was impressed, not just with the amazing taste of the product, but with the creativity behind the dishes served on the night. It was so inspiring to see all the different things you can make with hot dogs. I particularly fell in love with their pigs in blankets in parmesan & rosemary puff pastry with gooey brie. This amazing dish was paired with Innis & Gunn’s Mangoes on the run IPA – and it was such a winning combination!


Another highlight for me was the delicate and super tasty crostini with goat’s cheese, hot dog, caramelised onion & sage. Wow 😍


In true Scottish fashion, there were also crispy haggis bites, but of course – enclosing a delightful hot dog bite in the centre! These delightful crispy balls could be dipped in a tangy, delectable pear and mango chutney, and honestly, total bliss.

It was such a lovely evening – the atmosphere at the Innis & Gunn Taproom was brilliant, it felt like we all had a great night and were all very delighted with the wonderful festive pairings. I got to take home a package of these delicious gourmet hot dogs, and so many ideas for what I can do with them! I can’t wait to get creative with them and have another taste of that unique, smoky and yummy flavour.


Special thanks to the lovely Sarah Ormerod at Jigsaw PR & Marketing for inviting me to this fantastic and inspiring event!


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