Côte Brasserie, West Nile Street

Date of visit:mid-weekend of May 23rd, 2018

This restaurant is part of a French brasserie chain. Quoting their website, Côte is “inspired by the brasseries of Paris, championing relaxed all-day dining and serving authentic French classics made from great quality, fresh ingredients.”

Did it feel Parisian? I can’t say it did, but what we did think was that the place had a 1930’s feel about it, with the lighting some details in the décor giving some general vintage vibes. We definitely liked the ambience. And we were also digging the jazz tunes in the background.

What did we have and how was it?

The place has a very rich a la carte menu and there’s also a ‘prestige set menu’ for early evenings. So many options to choose from had us pondering for a while deciding what to go for!

We shared some olives and flatbread with onion & camembert. A very good start, light and yummy. For mains, Felix went for the Roast Duck Breast. Nicely presented, this duck was accompanied by some rather delightful sweet cherries. I had the spinach and mushroom crêpes, part of the ‘light mains’ selections, but a filling dish nonetheless, and quite tasty too!

Desserts: I had apple crumble. It was warm, topped with ice cream and a mint leave. Felix had frozen berries with white chocolate sauce. We were both making very happy noices.

What we did NOT like…

I guess they decided to keep it so French that they only focused on offering a wide selection of wines, totally neglecting the interests of beer lovers like ourselves. There’s only bottles of beer, nothing on draught, and these bottles are tiny and overpriced. *Sigh*.

What was the £££ damage?

Well, we definitely indulged ourselves a bit more this time, with a couple sharers to start with and desserts at the end. We also had to order a couple more beers because of the disappointing bottle sizes… So, the bill came to almost £70, which we thought was reasonable, considering how much we ordered and how nice everything was.

Our overall rating

We’re giving 9/10 to this all-round fine restaurant. I like the fact that it felt like a fine dining experience, but in a relaxed atmosphere, and affordable. We were very pleased with the service and the food was fantastic. Shame about the beers though – £3.80 for a tiny 27.5 cl bottle of Kronenbourg has to prevent me from giving them the top score.

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