Bill’s, West Nile Street

Date of visit: mid-weekend of May 16th, 2018

Bill’s is a chain of restaurants and the one in Glasgow is right in the centre of the city, on West Nile Street. The moment we stepped in we were pleasantly surprised with how nice it is inside.

It’s finished with original brickwork and wood panelling – while this is something many places have now (too many, in my opinion), the place has some distinctive nice touches like dry chillies hanging from the ceiling, and vintage French chandeliers. The mismatching chairs is, again, not something I’d consider unique, but it’s still cool.

What did we have and how was it?

With a couple of burger options and different meats, there really isn’t much on the menu. One can argue that a place with a limited menu is a sign of specialising in certain food options, and I think that’s true for some places, but not for this one. It feels like a mixture of sort of traditional British/European/whatever – resulting in just a few international box standard dishes.

Felix went for the Pan Fried Chicken with Truffle and Wild Mushrooms; he said it was nice but wasn’t impressed. I had the Chicken Caesar Salad, and I thought it was lovely, but really thinking can you go wrong with Chicken Caesar Salad? I did think that the poached egg on this dish was a nice touch, but it was slightly overcooked.

So, the food was just ok. We weren’t expecting much after seeing the menu, and I guess it didn’t exceed our expectations.

There wasn’t much on draught, 4 or 5 options, mostly house beers. I believe we just had a couple of pints of Bill’s Beer, which was alright – nothing memorable!

How do we rate it?

It’s a 6/10 for us. We did think the place is lovely inside and worth a visit, but the menu is  disappointing; limited and ordinary. Nothing special on draught tends to also disappoint us. The restaurant is very big but feels quite cosy, it’s got a good atmosphere. We felt the prices were appropriate. The staff were friendly, and the service was really quick, which is always a bonus.


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