Cafe Sono, Argyle Street

33478339_1265439626922957_2424242050539978752_nVisited in August 2017, Cafe Sono can be found under the rail tracks, just past the 4 Corners. It is that area of town that most go out of their way to avoid.  It is also one of our greatest finds.  It is a small place with a few chairs in the back and a sofa. A mezzanine is built above with another small seating area. The decor is quirky and reminded me of a hobbit’s house. It really is just a cool little place.

The Menu is a simple cafe/Kebab style menu and the prices are super reasonable. Unfortunately as such, they do not sell alcohol.


We both ordered Bacon Cheeseburgers which came with salad and chips and we were not disappointed. These burgers were awesome, the chips were great and the salad was basic but tasty. (not the usual nod to salad supplied by most kebab shops AKA lettuce and onion) I would be lying if I said we didn’t need our napkins to wipe the grease from our chins. But I recall the noises of complete food joy that Cat and I made as we wiped our greasy chins.

We give Cafe Sono 9 stars out of 10 simply for its lack of beer. This a great option as far as cheap eats go! A place with character in the city centre with really burgers.

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