Roasted Buffalo potato wedges with blue cheese dip

Buffalo sauce and blue cheese is an addictive combo. Try it in crispy golden potato wedges and you’ll love it even more! This recipe for oven-baked spicy potato wedges is easy to follow and takes only 40 minutes. The homemade blue cheese dip takes only 3 ingredients and a few minutes in a small saucepan….

Italian Stuffed peppers with ‘nduja and sun-dried tomato pesto

Stuffed peppers is one of those truly satisfying meals, so easy to prepare and great for impressing guests (with very little effort!). This is an easy recipe using great Italian ingredients for the seasoning – a touch of ‘nduja and organic sun-dried tomato pesto, lots of fresh basil and artisan quality Italian cheese for topping….

Tequila Rose Pancakes

Pink, fluffy, boozy pancakes 😍 The perfect recipe to celebrate Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day in style. Tequila Rose is a delicious blend of strawberry cream and premium tequila. Sounds amazing? It really is! It tastes amazing, like a strawberry milkshake for adults. I find the tequila flavour in this drink to be mild, it’s more…