The Hyndland Fox

Last week, we were lucky to get invited along to The Hyndland Fox for a taste of their festive menu. I was so excited to visit this restaurant, which is an absolute gem in the west end of Glasgow!

We started with a treat: One of the delightful cocktails from their rather creative festive drinks menu, which was a vodka-based drink called ‘What a Thyme’. It was refreshing and well balanced, the perfect introduction!


My starter was the smoked salmon with crème fraiche and walnut salad, delicately served like a couple of roses with toasted bread. So lovely! Felix’s starter was the ham hock and parsley terrine, which I had a taste of and it was packed with flavour, very tasty – especially with the addition of the sweet apricot puree.



The gorgeous starters were followed my our mains: We had Roast Gressingham Duck Leg, which was was perfectly cooked and juicy. It came with roasted veggies including parsnip, carrot and delicious potatoes. There was quite a sweet taste to this dish, and I enjoyed it until the last bite.


With generous portions, we didn’t need much more to finish! But we had a Toffee nut latte to end on a sweet note. This was a large cup of nice coffee infused with syrup, tiny bits of toffee to a side and a biscuit. What a treat!


The atmosphere at The Hyndland Fox was fantastic – the place is cosy and stunning, with little details to appreciate in every corner. The service was faultless, and we were treated to an absolutely stunning festive meal. I have been recommending this place ever since to everyone thinking of booking a place in Glasgow for a festive meal!

Alongside their exciting festive offering, The Hyndland Fox have just launched a new menu, bringing back some of the much loved classic dishes. I have to say, it looks fantastic, in particular the lunch menu is extensive and diverse. We can’t wait to go back and try some of the dishes.



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