Have a Merry Meal: Treat yourself and support a great cause

The festive period is a time for giving, and Social Bite are running a Christmas campaign that gives you an opportunity to spread your generosity while dining out, and help out individuals struggling with homelessness to have a meal this Christmas.

The campaign is coming back for the 3rd time this year, and it’s great to see a good number of restaurants in Glasgow joining and supporting the cause. These venues are adding an optional £1 donation to your bill for the opportunity to  ‘pay forward’ a Christmas meal for individuals experiencing homelessness.


Where can you go to support Social Bite this Christmas?

You can see all the info and the list of restaurants participating on Social Bite’s press release, here: https://social-bite.co.uk/christmas-campaign-2019/

As a personal recommendation, I’d suggest Nick’s in the West End. We went there this week and had a truly delicious meal!

We were lucky to get our hands on an Itison voucher to try their cheese wheel pasta experience. We got a portion of creamy tagliatelle tossed in a giant Parmesan wheel, plus a beer each, all for £16, which was amazing value. Felix and I both went for pancetta and sautéed mushrooms for toppings. They have a great range of toppings: pesto & cherry tomatoes, king prawn, slow cooked beef shin bolognese, or mascarpone, peas & chive.

The pasta was creamy, with the taste of parmesan strong and rich, absolutely delicious! We thought our choice of toppings worked very well on this cheesy pasta, and the portion was very filling.

Because we used the Itison voucher, our dinner ended up being really good value, and so we donated more towards Social Bite to support their lovely cause. On top of the optional £1 they added to the bill for the cause, we donated £5, as that’s a whole festive hot meal for a person struggling with homelessness or food poverty.

If you’re catching up with friends and family over the festive period, get into the Christmas spirit and go to one of the restaurants getting behind the Pay it Forward Campaign, that way you can enjoy your dinner and support a great cause, and feel good about spreading some love this season 🤗




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