Bloc Pop Up, Finnieston

We have been exploring places to eat in Finnieston, as we recently moved near this area, and because there’s a definite hype for the strip at the moment, to which admittedly I (Cat), have succumbed.

Finnieston has experienced a lot of change in recent years, and there’s now so much choice when it comes to eating and drinking. One of the newest kids on the block is Bloc Pop Up, and we’ve already been in it twice in less than a month, we love it!

Bloc Pop Up counts with the same food menu as offered by the main venue in the city centre, but the atmosphere feels a little bit different. I’d say it’s not as ‘underground’ as the older sister. It’s spacious and bright (big windows let the light flow in during the day), totally unpretentious, and in spite of the big sign in Neon lights reading ‘NOT FOR EVERYONE’ – it’s very welcoming.

Their daily deals are probably some of the best value stuff you’ll ever find in the city. Or in the country. We’re talking about sirloin steak and fries for a fiver, or 2 pizzas for under a tenner. Yes – amazing.


We’ve had a go at some of their food and have had really good impressions. First up, burgers. They are big, they are tasty, they are everything you’d expect from a good burger! The menu caters for different tastes, and there’s also vegan choices on it.

I had the Mad Mac, a double-decker beef burger with a generous amount of cheese, packed in a tasty maple-glazed sesame bun. Felix, on the other hand, went for the Sloppy Jock – beef with haggis and Bloc’s famous peppercorn sauce. Just yum. The chips on the side were seasoned perfectly and again, bit portion. We ended up stuffed with happiness.


On our second visit, we tried the pizzas, because how can you not try the amazing 2 pizzas for £8.95 deal?

Happy to say we were not disappointed! These pizzas are not made to impress, they are not trying to be true Napolitan, or crafted with the finest Italian ingredients, let’s face it, they aren’t even 100% round! But they are tasty, they are sure to fill you up and they are hell of a good deal.


With your pizza, you get a choice of 2 toppings, and there’s plenty to choose from. I had my pizza with crispy bacon and sweet corn, Felix had his with salami and pineapple. The base is thin and crispy, but that doesn’t make the pizza a light dish – they are loaded with cheese!

This has fast become one of our favourite joints in the area. Good food, great range of beers, unbeatable prices, and we even love their indie background tunes. Service has also been faultless. It may be not for everyone, but it’s definitely for us 😄

Bloc Pop Up: you’ll be seeing us again.

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