Beirut Star @ Paisley Road West

Every so often, you find a place that feels so authentic, so different, with such memorable food that you just HAVE to go and blog about it. Well, at least I do! Self-proclaimed foodie that I am…

Beirut Star was a definite trigger for my urge to share this experience. Felix and I went there with a friend who had recommended it. Having heard good things about it and read rave reviews online, we were actually pretty excited! And it’s just such a lovely thing when your expectations are exceeded, when you can verify for yourself that reviews do tell the truth and, above all – when your hunger is satisfied in the best fashion, with delicious food.

Even though this place is a bit off the beaten track (Paisley Road West), it gets busy! So, a wee tip – if you’re going on the weekend, do book in advance to avoid disappointment. We booked a few days in advance to secure our table for 3. When we arrived there, we found that the place was full and there had been a bit of overlapping with bookings (moment of panic!), but thankfully, the staff were apologetic and quick to resolve, and we only had to wait about 5 minutes for our table.


What we had

The three of us spent a few minutes staring at the menu in silence; quite frankly, it’s not easy to navigate – unless you know a thing or two about Lebanese food. Gladly, the staff was kind to explain and offered much valued guidance.

We opted for one of their set menus with grilled meats to share, plus a few of their cold and hot mezza or small plates.

Everything was consistently delicious. A highlight for the three of us was the Mutabbal or baba ghanouj / baba ghanoush (not going to pretend to know what the right spelling is!): smoked aubergine with sesame oil and lemon topped with pomegranate. This classic Lebanese dish felt very distinctive, it was smoky and bursting with flavour, and the pomegranate seeds provided a delightful touch of extra freshness. YUM.

I will go on and let the photos do the talking, but rest assure it was a fantastic meal, and a joyful experience with all the sharing that took place.








The lamb was delicious, the hummus was super smooth, the potatoes were particularly tasty. An absolute belter of a Lebanese dining experience.

With very reasonable prices, a menu so rich in options and portion sizes for sharing or not sharing (plus deliveries!); it’s hard to fault this place. Although it is a bit of a disappointment that there’s no beer. Maybe someday though, who knows, one can dream!

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