Nuku Nuku on Hope Street

On a mid-weekend we were craving something a little different, we ventured down to Nuku-Nuku, a little restaurant on Hope Street serving Japanese inspired food.

The place is modern and has a warm feeling to it with some cute origami cranes hanging from the ceiling and fairy lights. Apparently Nuku Nuku means something like “warmly” or “cosy”, so I’d say it’s an appropriate name.

We were served with a kind smile and handed the menu, which is very extensive. Much to choose from, including sushi rolls that come in either 4 or 8 pieces, ramen options, teriyaki, temaki cones, sushi platters and more. We decided to go for a bit of sharing, so went for 2 kinds of rolls (4 pieces) and a teriyaki dish each of us, beef for Felix and Salmon for me.

The first to arrive was the Rainbow Dragon roll, which was great for first impressions! As the name suggests, these rolls are full of colour, and arranged to perfection to please the Instagram! But, of course, as much as I like Instagrammable food, I refrain myself from making a judgment before the first bite. Gladly these rolls weren’t just colourful and nicely presented, they are packed with deliciously fresh flavours.


The dragon version of the rainbow roll comes with crunchy prawn tempura in the middle and topped with fresh tuna or salmon sashimi and avocado. It’s a fantastic combination. Definitely some of the best rolls we’ve had in a long time!


The other rolls to follow were the Volcano. Now, let’s not even pretend this is authentic Japanese food – the Volcano roll from Nuku Nuku comes with tuna (or salmon), melted cheese on top and spicy mayo. Unusual? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely! Nevermind authentic when the ingredients are so creatively put together to create something so tasty. It was crispy, it was different, it was great. We loved it.


The only perhaps negative thing to say about the rolls is that they are so big that they’re not the kind of roll you can eat in a clean bite. It gets messy! But hey, they are well worth the 6 or 7 pounds for the 4 pieces, it’s a generous portion and it’s also a great option for sharing.

I could have easily had more rolls, but we also had our teriyaki dishes. I had the salmon teriyaki, which came with a good portion of rice, it was a very well balanced dish and I enjoyed it throughout. I had a taste at Felix’s beef teriyaki and I think I may have liked it even more; the beef was tender and super lovely.


We actually can’t wait to go back to Nuku Nuku. The food was WOW, there’s so much to choose from the menu and I’d love to try more dishes. Service was faultless and the prices were also very reasonable. Our food bill came to £35 for 2 rolls, 2 teriyaki mains, and soft drinks (ginger beer).

I’ve yet to try other places for sushi in Glasgow as I haven’t been to many, but this is already a top favourite!

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