We have visited Halloumi several times, we have been to both venues in Glasgow – City Centre and Southside, and we have taken family and friends with us. That’s how much we love it!

The Halloumi restaurants inside have lovely chic interiors, with white tiles and blue tones creating cool Mediterranean vibes. The menu, on the other hand offers a good range of Greek inspired food options ready to please the most demanding palates.

Let’s start with what we like the most: Halloumi fries!

Now, halloumi fries is one of those things that, in my honest opinion, can be delightful if properly prepared – or quite unpleasant if not.

I wouldn’t really know if it is down to the cheese itself, or the cooking method; but I presume it may be a case of both and other factors. Either way, halloumi is quite a salty cheese, and when fried it can turn horribly salty, and then it can feel like a complete waste of your money (been there, done that). Not in Halloumi restaurants though!

If you ever had halloumi fries and were disappointed, this is the place that will change your mind. Their fries are simply delightful, golden crispy with a light batter, and soft inside with the richest of flavours.

You may even want to get a portion just for yourself, it’s a generous one, but believe me -they can so easily be eaten by one, because they are so good!


We have ordered these cheesy delights every time we have visited the Halloumi venues, and have never been let down.

One more thing we really like about Halloumi is the concept of small plates that can be shared. Because we have been a few times, we have tried different options, and can certainly say that we have found the quality to be consistently great. We’ve been treated to the freshest of ingredients, flavours that are so rich, and found very delightful and inspiring recipes to try.

Some dishes we have had: Lamb dolmades, chicken gyros, crispy calamari, spanakopita (filo pastry with a spinach & goats cheese filling), halloumi pomegranate salad, veggie moussaka and lamb souvlaki.


The calamari are worth a special mention: they come with a creamy garlic mayo and a fresh wedge of lemon, they’re covered in a lovely crispy batter and they are easily the most memorable calamari I’ve ever tried, so tasty!

The lamb has also been amazing, so tender, cooked and seasoned to perfection.


Halloumi is definitely one of our top favourite restaurants in Glasgow. It’s a fantastic place for trying Greek food and sharing it with your other half, relatives or friends.

Most of the menu consists of small plates, which means nothing on the menu is too expensive, and you can go with a number of options to suit your budget.

We rate Halloumi 10/10 – Fantastic and very highly recommended.


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