The place

We’d been in the bar upstairs, renown for having one of the best beer terraces in Glasgow, but this was our first time in the restaurant downstairs.

It’s got a great atmosphere with panoramic views to the brewery and nice comfy booths. The walls have some of the designs from the cans which I personally think are really awesome.

There’s also a shop inside the restaurant with all the Drygate beers where you can also buy some products with the super cool illustrations from the cans 🙂 I got myself a bottle opener featuring the design from the Disco Fork Lift Truck – Mango Pale Ale.

The food: OMG the best duck ever

There’s not too much on the menu but definitely a few options to get very excited about. We both ordered the roast breast of duck which was absolutely amazing. The meat was cooked to perfection and accompanied by a cassoulet of lentils + bacon, honestly, what a treat. As Felix says, one of those meals you just don’t want it to end!

We ordered a cheeseboard to finish, which came with a very fine selection of cheeses, and a delicious jam made from our dearest Outaspace apple ale – YUM.


A fantastic meal from start to end.

Drinks: go beer-crazy

This is the ideal place for beer lovers looking to experiment with flavours. We are big fans of the Drygate Outaspace apple ale, but we went for something new and had a couple of pints of the mango pale ale with our food. Felix thought it’s a bit odd but I love that beer!

We tried the Rubicon india pale ale to go with the cheeseboard – quite a strong beer but very nice, full of flavour, makes a perfect companion for the cheese!

We also thought it’s cool that you can order 2/3 of a pint.

A few awesome things to say about Drygate

Drygate transformed what used to be a 1960s box factory into a state of the art microbrewery, bar and restaurant. I think what they have done with the place is fantastic and I honestly can’t praise Drygate enough.

I love everything about Drygate: the restaurant with the panoramic views to the brewery and the amazing food, the bar upstairs with the beer terrace, and the products. Their beers are truly something especial – not just for the quality and taste, but for the awesome branding too. I believe the illustrations from John Felix perfectly represent the concept of the brand and they make the most awesome beer can designs I’ve ever seen.

I see Drygate as one of the best assets of Glasgow and a place that really brightens up the east end. As a resident of Glasgow, I personally feel really proud of it!

Our rating

10/10! Awesome food, quality beers, cool atmosphere, fair prices, good service – this place cannot disappoint. We absolutely love it and highly recommend it.

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