Exploring Glasgow’s food & drink scene

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Never let it be said that Glasgow has a limited choice of great places to eat. We’ve been on our mid-weekend journey for a while, and every week – even lately, when we sometimes think we may be running out of options – we find a fabulous place.

We are Felix and Cat. We live in Glasgow, and every Wednesday after work, we go out for dinner in a restaurant where we’ve never been, and we go for a pint in a pub we’ve never been.

So, like date night? No. No, no. I (Cat) think the concept of date night represents the downfall of a couple. We’re not trying to save our relationship and forcing ourselves to do something fun together, because we’re desperate or lost the spark or something! We’re doing this for very different reasons.

We’ve been doing this consistently (priorities!) since August 2017. Now, nearly a year on, we reckon we’ve got a lot to share about places to eat and drink in Glasgow, and we felt it would be good for us and the world if we created a blog. So here we are.

Enjoy and cheers!


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